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Skid resistant coatings

Sports GraboSport Rocket linoleum
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Sports GraboSport Rocket linoleum Advantages: an optimum ratio of quality and the price, a sound absorption, resistance to sliding, fine wear resistance, lack of traces from blows of a ball and legs of players, a gigiyenichnost, long service life. You can wholesale sports GraboSport Rocket...
Group: Skid resistant coatings
Rubber stone blocks Coil of 20 mm
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Rubber stone blocks the Coil of 20 mm - a qualitative safety covering with anti-sliding and deicing properties. An original form and a variety of flowers which can be made by request of the client I allow to make the usual area or the avenue beautiful and colourful.  The rubber stone blocks...
Group: Floor antislipping coatings
Covering from a rubber crumb for blind areas around the house, a cottage
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Covering from a rubber crumb for blind areas around the house, a cottage are practical seamless coverings with drainage effect.  The rubber crumb is a universal covering not only as blind areas, and also for various other open sites, such as sports zones, walking paths, playgrounds, zones...
Group: Coatings anti-sliding
Covering from a rubber crumb for walking paths, sidewalks
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It is possible to call coverings from a rubber crumb safely innovative coverings that appeared in the market of building materials rather not so long ago, but every day become more and more popular. Their range of application the widest, including perfectly are suitable for arrangement of various...
Group: color rubber Crumb Coatings


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