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Floor coatings

Sports GraboSport Elite linoleum
In stock 
Sports GraboSport Elite linoleum - an optimum ratio of quality and the price, depreciation of blows, excellent absorption of sounds, anti-sliding, environmental friendliness. The sports covering of GraboSport Elite 60 has the certificate of FIBA and it is recommended for holding official...
Group: Linoleum
Sports GraboFlex Start linoleum
In stock 
Sports GraboFlex Start linoleum - an eco-friendly and sound-absorbing covering for multigyms. Perfectly absorbs sounds, amortizut blows (that is very important for the rooms intended for sports an igor and exercises), easily cleans up.  Sports GraboFlex Start linoleum consists of three...
Group: Linoleum
Rolled sports covering of Regupol Everroll Uni
In stock 
Rolled sports covering of Regupol Everroll Uni - a universal covering for the opened and closed sports areas. It consists of the pressed rubber crumb and polyurethane coherent material, as defines the main properties: elasticity; high durability; wear resistance; environmental...
Group: Flooring: polymeric roll material
Rolled sports covering of Regupol Everroll
In stock 
The rolled sports covering of Regupol Everroll is a durable floor material for applications in the halls intended for sports activities, fitness, athletics, bowling and also in various entertaining cents and the centers of leisure.  The rolled floor covering of Regupol Everroll is made from a...
Group: Rolled floor coverings
Rubber stone blocks Wave of 40 mm
In stock 
The rubber stone blocks the Wave of 40 mm is made by way of pressing of a rubber crumb. It provides its high durability and elasticity. The rubber stone blocks is a universal covering and allows to stack it on the squares most of different function: sport areas hippodromes sidewalks pedestri
Group: Rubber coatings (cobbles)
Rubber stone blocks Wave of 20 mm
In stock 
The Markho Group company - one of the leading producers of floor rubber coverings which become more and more popular in Ukraine. One of versions such coverings is the rubber stone blocks.  We suggest to buy a rubber stone blocks the Wave (20 mm) for the device of walking paths, domestic zones,...
Group: Floor coatings
Rubber stone blocks Brick of 20 mm
In stock 
Rubber stone blocks "Brick" of 20 mm - an elastic rubber covering that gives fine appearance to sidewalks, paths, intra domestic roads, sites near houses and cottages, to recreation areas. It possesses all positive characteristics that are peculiar for rubber coverings. The form of a brick allows...
Group: Rubber coatings (cobbles)
Seamless sports polyurethane covering of Alsatan SW
In stock 
Seamless sports polyurethane covering of Alsatan SW - the artificial bulk covering which is widely applied to the track and field athletics, sports, game areas. The main components (a crumb of rubber and polyurethane binding) give to coverings special characteristics: elasticity, superdurability,...
Group: Self-levelling floors


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